Lackland AFB

by Joe Kinel (61-64)

"I visited Lackland AFB this morning, 10 Nov 03, and snapped this pic.  As you can see, there are some of our old buildings still around.  Most of the squadrons these days have modern, coed buildings with a drill pad for each and a chow hall in each.

Was discussing with a buddy about the "break area" and soda machines and how back in our day, we couldn't visit that oasis until two or three weeks after basic had commenced for us. Thought I'd send this along to the BIA web site to bring back some memories for those "Wallies" not living in the San Antonio area.

Incidentally, the monument still stands for Tom Shaw which denotes his inability to execute a "left oblique, march" movement on the drill pad....or on the parade field for that matter."
Joe K ~2003

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