Tom Caufield's collection of photographs taken by Frank Cellini

Tom Caufield (64-72) sent this fairly large collection of photos taken in and around Berlin by Frank Cellini, circa mid-1965. To paraphrase Tom's comments regarding the collection:

Frank Cellini, a friend and Baker Flight (I think) Polak from the 64-66 time frame, took and developed the pictures and gave them to many of us.  The photos shown here are scenery pictures; the few folks that are part of this  group of images are displayed with captions beneath in the PICTURES/PERSONNEL/TOM CAUFIELD - FROM THE FRANK CELLINI COLLECTION section of the BIA Web site.

The images do not have captions, but should be self-explanatory for the most part. Many of the shots below depict life on the east side of the Wall. They are somber and quite compelling photographs. Six of the first eight images are duplicates of photos on Dan McCauley's page (Dan McCauley - on the Edge of Berlin), but are included here as part of this collection. If you have any comments about any of these images, i.e. have an appropriate caption or perhaps they spark a some thoughts you would like to share, please send an email to der Webmeister.

(As usual, click on the thumbnail image to see a larger view.)

Ben Benevides, Dog Flight MS

Ben Benevides, Dog Flight MS

Tom Caufield and Bob Grassel, a Baker Flt Polak

Tom Caufield and Frank Cellini

Tom Caufield and Frank Cellini

Bob Grassel and Tom Caufield

Tom Caufield holding up the sign


Editor's note:  These images have been modified from the original scanned images. Areas of the scanned images that did not pertain to the photograph were cropped; images were resized for better viewing; contrast and brightness have been altered to enhance image quality; and smudges, dust & scratches have been cleaned up, where possible without radically altering original image. Contact der Web Meister if you have any questions or comments.


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