A tour of Berlin
by Bill Christensen (63-66)
Captions by P. Adams (62-64)


Poignant Moments

Why don’t I just rest my hand on the machine gun as I look into the East.  Notice the new window cut into the building where two others are looking in the same direction.  School boys pay no heed to the Army lads whom they have seen their whole lives.  According to the ad, Jupon not only styles hair but purveys all manner of women’s necessities.
After you get your tanks and armored personnel carriers lined up, lets play ball.
At Seppl’s shop you could buy vegetables & cheese, not to mention fruit.  These two dear ladies are of an age that they lived through some harsh times.


bclm1b.jpg (53818 bytes) Russian War Memorial – Special wreaths are on display today.
bclm2b.jpg (78969 bytes) Reichstag – 1 May 1964 – Labor Day - Tag der Arbeit
The sign proclaims,
"Unity, Peace, Freedom."
bclm3b.jpg (69248 bytes) Pregnant Oyster where many of our members enjoyed world class entertainment.
bclm5acb.jpg (47318 bytes) A church and a VW bus that might pass inspection this time.
bclm6b.jpg (49776 bytes) "Stick your head through the sun roof and see if we're in the right lane…"
bclm7b.jpg (48896 bytes) Our favorite memorial church, the Gedächtniskirche, and just in time for lunch.
bclm8bcb.jpg (70649 bytes) Is Berlin flat?
bclm9bcb.jpg (65656 bytes) The Zoo Train Station – Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten – Activity there day and night.
bclm10bcb.jpg (64195 bytes) Schloss Charlottenburg from the garden side – Largest palace in Berlin – Tours available.
bclm11bcb.jpg (105323 bytes) Is it an apartment building?  Some of the windows have elegant lace.
bclmn1acb.jpg (58077 bytes) Brandenburg Gate at night.  It took a lot of work to restore this landmark after reunification.
bclmn2b.jpg (41760 bytes) Ernst Reuter Platz at night.  The Telefunken name was on a lot of pictures because of its striking nighttime beauty.
bcsn3b.jpg (76072 bytes) Glienicke Bridge over the River Havel to Potsdam – A great place to exchange spies back in those days.  Potsdam is a beautiful place.
bcsn4bcb.jpg (75108 bytes) America, Britain and France stand tall together.
bcsn5b.jpg (81245 bytes) Attention – For the next 3km you will be in the Soviet Zone. (Nice pre-Nader Corvair.)

War Damage

bcwd1bcb.jpg (90379 bytes) There were still a number of war damaged buildings around town in the mid 60’s.
bcwd2bcb.jpg (78157 bytes) Was this a train station?
bcwd3bcb.jpg (84176 bytes) A closer look…
bcwd4bcb.jpg (61610 bytes) A man in period clothes walks past the remains of a building that, before the war,  was obviously a magnificent structure.
bcwd5b.jpg (86185 bytes) Another victim of the war -- work proceeds to put the unstable remains of this once-great building to rest.


bcww1bcb.jpg (94915 bytes) A memorial to The Unknown Refugee.
bcww2b.jpg (69619 bytes) You are entering the American Sector.  Carrying weapons off duty is forbidden. Obey traffic rules.
bcww3bcb.jpg (53428 bytes) It'll be a tight squeeze, but this boat was built to fit the bridge, right?
Always aim between the piers when attempting to go under the bridge!
bcww4b.jpg (77623 bytes) Onlookers observe.  Men on the lagging boat are armed.  Duck hunters?  Probably not!
bcww6b.jpg (67194 bytes) The canals had a "wall" of their own.

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