Tempelhof Open House Pictures
by Bill Christensen (63-66)
Captions by P. Adams (62-64)

In the fall of 1964, we decided to have an Open House at Tempelhof for all our friends in Berlin.
It was the ’15 Jahrestag der Luftbruecke“ – 15th Anniversary of the Air Bridge. The display arch in the background reads “auch Berliner”. The part of the arch not included in the picture likely said “Wir sind…” - "We are also Berliners." That is the way we felt thenand still do today.
There was a display saying, “Freiheit für die Presse”. We loved to talk about freedomand still do.

A float described, “Die Entwicklung der Luftfahrt’ – The History of Air Travel. We didn’t take pictures of the antenna array but taking a picture of the float was fine.

Everyone remembers “Paul *Revre’s Erstes Freiheit Signal” - Paul Revere’s First Freedom Signal. That’s the Liberty Bell on the float in front. Tradition is important. It provides one with something to hang on to. *(Not to be confused with Paul Revere, the early American Patriot -- Who says you have to know how to spell to make a float, anyhow?)

BIG transports flew in to make it a day as seen from this view from a hangar bay.
You could unload an Army truck and a bunch of jeeps from the nose of one of these AF planes.
And, you could host a lot of our dear Berliner guests on the same plane. The young Berliners liked to talk to the air crews and Army equipment folks. Our people liked to talk to the young Berliners too. They were part of our charge.
The Military Air Transport Service (MATS) graciously flew in some display aircraft.
The doors were open and the Hercules C-130 could be entered from the rear and exited from the front. This venerable craft is still in service today. You could bet your life on it. Many did. Many do.
Those who needed help were glad to see a rescue chopper come to their aid.
Also known as a Weltraumkapsel, the Mercury capsule display was a favorite.
The Army displayed some interesting small craft.
Nice transportation even today.
The airman in Levi’s lost his focus as he concentrated on the blonde in the ski pants. Wow, that’s a lot of navigation and weather equipment in the background.
The OV-1A Mohawk, a visual and photographic observation aircraft, was interesting enough to attract the airline pilots.
Although not equipped here, the Mohawk could also be armed for a light attack role.
Display a decent battle tank and you can gather a crowd of youthful boys. Some of them were youthful ‘Boys in Blue’.

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