Happenings on Columbiadamm
by Bill Christensen (63-66)
Captions by P. Adams (62-64)


A Bicycle Race

Cyclists get the left lanes, cars and buses get the right lanes.  Thousands of people turn out to watch. Looks like the finish line is in front of the Sporthalle next door to the Columbia Theater.  As an aside, the 1987 Tour de France began in Berlin-Ouest.
The world’s first 6-day bicycle race was held in Berlin in March 1909. The blooming yellow Wisteria would indicate that this race is likewise in the Spring, perhaps on the March 21 anniversary of that first great race. Moran & MacFarland (U.S.) won the 1909 race.


The U.S. Military shows its stuff

When the U.S. Army decided to move down the road, they were given the right of way -- they had tanks…
…and, they had armored personnel carriers…
…plus, they had all the trucks and jeeps an army could ask for.
Sometimes people needed to see they were there. We were all glad they were.
Sometimes those brave troops practiced their thing in cold, damp weather.
Sometimes those boys with the baggy green pants camped out on the T-hof lower 40 practicing their ability to protect/retake the airport.

Note:  It is clear that the young Bill Christensen had a favorite photo-taking-spot overlooking the Columbiadamm.  What is not clear however, is whether that spot was ‘authorized.’ Regardless, everyone agrees it was a good vantage point.

The following question is part of the current AF Intelligence Officer’s course:
“Why is there a 3 cylinder, normally aspirated, red Saab parked across the street from the main gate of a U.S. Air Base when the U.S. Army is on maneuvers traversing said street?”
(The answer, of course, is classified.)


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