When the Wall Came Down
Photo's Courtesy of John Duhaime (81-90)

Berlin Wall with Vopo's on top. Brandenburg Gate. November 1989.

Sign on the Wall talking about the poor East Germans.

Berlin Wall before it came down. Painted very nice.

Mass of East Germans near Potzdammer Platz.

East German guards on ladders.

John's wife, Heidi, with a British soldier in the British Sector.

The Wall on the right side of Checkpoint Charlie.

East Germans flooding into West Berlin at Potzdammer Platz.

Always room for The Church and Lipstick.

The Famous Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie during the first few days after wall opening.

Checkpoint Charlie from accross the street.

Potzdammer Platz the first weekend of freedom for East Germans.

An East German "Trabbie" coming from East Berlin at the Checkpoint.

Friedrichstrasse at Checkpoint Charlie.

West Germans lined up at Checkpoint Charlie welcoming East Germans.

The East German entry point at Checkpoint Charlie.

The Wall starting to come down.

The River Spree behind the Reichstag. Wall still in place.

East Germans waiting to cross into West Berlin at the Brandeburg Gate.

An abandoned guard tower right behind the Reichstag.

The Wall at the rear of the Reichstag.

An East German guard poking his head through the Wall.

A destroyed guard tower near "Steinstucken" South Berlin.

Up close and personal.

West Germans on top of the Wall at Brandenburg Gate.

No mans land from the top of a guard tower at Steinstucken.

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