From the Picture Files of Jim Kavanagh

Picture Comments - by Jim Kavanagh
The Tempelhof pic is from the early 60's and you can see the short and long
range search radars (left and right) and the height finder (above the main
entrance). You can just make out the antenna farm atop HBE and the antenna
dome for the Army Unit on the roof above Hanger 2 or thereabouts. This
photo was given to me by the Photo Lab.

Tempelhof Airport 1960's

The "parachute trainer ride" was built for the Open House in 1967 by the
6912th. Yours truly was one of the first to "test it" - most unwillingly I
might say - BUT since I was the only Jeep there at the time, it was decided
for me. We had a harness hung on two pulleys. After I was buckled into
it, Larry Nilles and several others happily, and with great vigor, propelled
me out the door. After several evaluations of this type by various
"volunteers", it was decided that participants would be closely supervised.

Tempelhof Open House 1967 Unused Ride

It was later decided not to use this during Open House. Berlin Brigade set
up a course for an APC ride in that same area, with something like 6 to 12
vehicles. Berliners were lined up for miles to get banged around inside a
foul smelling, noisy, and uncomfortable armored personnel carrier.

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