Yak-28 Crashes in River Havel - April 6, 1966
From Gene Kyle's (65-68) Photo Files

Russians watching (British) dredging operation for the YAK-28.
Ed. Quiz: Russian Security Personnel tend to be:(petite/gross/average - pick one).
Pieces of the aircraft being lifted from the River Havel.
Tail section being lifted from the river.

Says Gene, "I would love to give credit where credit is due regarding the taking of the pictures, but I don't know the name of the person who took them. I just remember that he was selling them and I bought a set."

In 2008, Gene went on an Internet hunt for a British fellow, Don Yates, who was known to also have copies of the pictures. The following is an email reply to Gene from Don.

"First of all Gene it appears that you and I served in Berlin at the same time - I was there August 1965 to June 1968.  I did not take any of the photographs, the ones I have were taken by Leo Chrzanowski Army Public Relations HQ Berlin (British Sector). Vic Leventhal was one of the members of the sub aqua club (I was not)  but like me he was a member of 247 (Berlin) Pro Coy RMP. My claim to fame was being the first person on site and greeting the Soviets (redirected I understand from their way to the tiergarten from East Berlin) on their arrival, marginally before everyone else arrived as I remember it.  As you can imagine the place soon became swamped with just about everyone else and their brothers and sisters so to speak... 

Happy days in Berlin and a trip back there last year was just wonderful, I was surprised at how little Berlin had changed - and in particular the Eastern Sector.  I look forward to another visit later his year.
Regards, Don"

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