Photos Courtesy of Ed Thomas (83-92)

A nice view from nearby.  Some of us lived, partied, went to the Laundry, BX or Barber Shop right over there.
Lets walk up this way to home.
The Gate is not much further.  Lots of Gendarmes around here.
Picture taken from the small parking lot next to the area we (83-92) knew as the 'Ice Cream Parlor'.  It is the entry to the elevator to the 690th or 1946th Orderly Room on the 7th floor.
Looking west from the roof.
Looking east from the roof.  The end of the building is known as HBE or Head Building East.  It was a good place to work.
Looking down from the roof.
Count those floors.The Motor Pool where they answer the phone by saying, "We got 2-bys, 4-bys and one great big mutha that bends in the middle and goes PSSSSS."  You could also store your bicycle down here.


Looking out the gate past Club Silverwings from the roof.
If you want to have children, stay away from the radar.
You can see the Fernsehturm in the distance keeping a sharp eye out.
A view from above.

Aerial photo believed to be by 690th Photographer, Dan Guerra.

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