Photos Courtesy of Ed Thomas (83-92)
Photo's taken during this same period and in May, 2002
Ed salvaged the aerial photos at the shutdown of Marienfelde.
It is believed the aerial shots were taken by 690th Photographer Dan Guerra.
Says Dan, "The aerial shots were taken from a Huey while documenting changes in the "Weather Station".


Says Ed, "This early 80's picture of Mari sure shows how the site's main building was continually being added to.
Reminds me of a lake side summer cabin that kept having rooms and areas added to it as the "family" grows."

Looking at the site from the new parking lot across the road.
Joan is standing about where the entry road was.  The concrete retaining wall from the old gate is still present.
Lower parking lot from the path that leads to the top of the hill.
Upper parking lot looking toward Entry Control and the buildings.
Looking toward the front right corner, Det 1 and the generator outbuilding area.
Back left corner looking south.
From the top of the hill's back left corner mound.
From back left corner looking toward Tempelhof.  See the Fernsehturm always in the background keeping an eye on things.  Speak softly.

The sun has set on the Marienfelde site but not on the outstanding men and women who worked there.

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