Historical Berlin Photo's

Ed Thomas (83-92) provided the pictures on this page.  The color aerial shots were taken by an Army CID person who worked with Ed's wife Joan.  The other pictures are copies of photos that hung on the walls of Tempelhof during the 80's.

LZ-127 Graf Zepplin 1929 at Tempelhof
Tempelhof 1930-1936 Era
Tempelhof Central Airport 1937 - The caption to this and the following picture stated, "Tempelhof Airport 1937 - Re-Built by Ernst Sagebeil, He also built the Air Ministry Building on Leipziger Str & Wilhelmstrasse."
TCA 1937 - Diamond shaped area was location of original airport building.
Spandau Prison Grounds - Small white building in background was where Hess hung himself.  (I experienced an eerie feeling of history when visiting this area in the 60's. bp)
US - USSR Changing of the Guard at Spandau in 1987 - Note the size of the Company Commanders vs. the Russians in the background.  The prison was demolished following Hess' death.
Freedom Bridge 1963-1989 - Notice the level of traffic before and after the Wall came down in this picture vs. the next.

Freedom Bridge 1989 - The Glienicke bridge over the river Havel to lovely Potsdam, scene of several spy exchanges during the Cold War.

Brandenburg Tor November 10, 1989
Brandenburg Tor November 10, 1989 - Notice the media arrivals.
Checkpoint Charlie - 1980's

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