An Introduction to Berlin
by Gary Anderson (62-63)

From the 5/01/02 BIA Newsletter

I left Rhein/Main AB on Saturday, 28 July 1962 at 2140 hours on a sealed train and arrived at the train station in Berlin at 0740 on Sunday, 29 July and took an Air Force Blue bus to Tempelhof AB.

On the way to Tempelhof, I witnessed what a double deck bus can do to a Vespa scooter, which runs a stop sign.

After checking in at Head building East, I spent Sunday getting acquainted with my new surroundings.  I hit the sack early to catch up on some much needed sleep and was rudely awakened at about 0200 hours by a visibly intoxicated individual who got in the wrong room and tried to share my bed with little success!

The next morning, I put on a badly wrinkled Bush Jacket, 505 pants, shirt and a blue tie and checked into the orderly room of the 6912th Radio Squadron Mobile to begin an association with individuals who would profoundly affect my life and philosophy, both positively and negatively.


2005, The Berlin Island Association

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