From the Files of John & Johanna Lawler (64-66)
From the AF Pamphlet Entitled
"Tempelhof Central Airport
Berlin, Germany"


A great many recreation facilities are available at Tempelhof Central Airport. There are Open Messes for officers and NCOs, plus a newly constructed Airman's Club. An active Service Club is also located here. For those of you who like to putter about, there is a fully equipped Auto Hobby Shop as well as a Craft and Photo Hobby Shop. Qualified instructors are on duty in these three places. A well stocked library offers a quiet place to study and read, as well as a complete selection of fiction and reference books. Across the street from the main gate, the Columbia Theater shows the latest movies each evening.






For the sports minded, there is a Base Gymnasium located on the top floor of Building C-2. In conjunction with the gym is the base bowling alley, six lanes which are equipped with automatic pin-setters.

An active sports program includes intramural as well as participation in the Germany Sports Conference in baseball, football and basketball. Special Services Supply has equipment for all sports in stock for the Individual to check out, plus camping equipment for those of you who might like to take advantage of the numerous campsites in Europe on your vacation. During the summer months, an outdoor swimming pool is open for your enjoyment.

The United States Army in Berlin operates a number of Special Services activities which are open to members of the Air Force and their dependents. In the housing area, the Berlin Brigade Sports Center offers a fully equipped gymnasium and an 18-lane bowling alley with automatic pin-setters.

Two of the other top-notch facilities operated by the Army for the American community are the Wannsee Recreation Center and the Golf & Country Club.


Army Special Services control the harbor operation which consists of 31 varieties of boats from the smallest oar-propelled to motor powered launches. Couples can have their choice of kayaks, paddle-boats or rowboats. Larger parties of 16 or more may wish to utilize one of the two launches. Advance reservations are almost a requisite to obtain the use of these popular craft.


There is a nominal hourly rate depending on the size of the vessel. Sailboat rental is restricted to those having a sailboat license. If you don't have one, it can be obtained through the Berlin Yacht Club.

The sailing season lasts from about April 1 to October 31 or whenever the freeze sets in. Dawn until dusk are normal operating hours. 

Four more movie theaters are operated by the Army, with one at each of the troop compounds the Outpost Theater near the housing area, and the last at the US Army Hospital.

There is an indoor swimming pool at Andrews Barracks which is Olympic size. In addition, all the recreational facilities at the Army Troop compounds are open to Air Force personnel.

Throughout the year the Special Services Division of the Army conducts tours of both East and West Berlin on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. During the summer months, the West Berlin tours are conducted daily. These tours last approximately three and a half hours.

This has been a brief look at the recreational fa­cilities offered to the Air Force man and his family in the divided city. Full information on these activities may be obtained from the Special Services Section of either the Air Force or Army.

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