The Resi
From the files of Tony Angiletta (59-62)

Tony comments, "I think I found the address for the Resi Bar. At least on the back of the Ansichtskarte above, it was at Hasenheide 32-38 in the 20s and 30s.  It appears to have been in that same spot later or nearby on the Hasenheide.

Billed as, "Die schoensten Wasserspiele der Welt"--200 Tischtelefone, Tischrohrpost".

At various times it was named Ballhaus Resi, Tanzpalast Resi, Residence Casino and simply the Resi.

The building was closed in 1978 and was apparently demolished that same year.

Not that anyone asked me to do this research... And, of course, we all dressed like the people in the postcard."

Note:  At least one BIA member met his future wife at the Resi.

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