Do Not Open
Image Courtesy of Ralph Atenasio (62-65)

Tom Shaw (60-63) was reflecting on the early Marienfelde site when he wrote,

"One of my most vivid memories: Jim Evans and I were strolling the grounds and noticed a shiny object there in the rubble. It turned out to be a metal sign in Polish, NIE OTWIERAC DRZWI (Don't Open the Door). I'm still thinking of the possible places that might have been posted. We installed it on the door of the "office" area at the head of the van. Don't know what ever happened to it."

The above comment was part of a May 15, 2006 BIA Newsletter article compiled by Terry Simms (63-64).  The below comment was taken from an email by Ralph Atenasio (62-65) shortly thereafter.

"Tom, don't know how I ended up with the sign you spoke of in the recent BIA newsletter, but I did. I don't remember 'stealing' it.  ...A 'going away' souvenir, I suppose."

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