Bowling Shirt, Beaver Award, Renato's, Zossen

Gene Kyle (65-68)

The All Star 6912th Blue Snoopy Bowling Shirt
Photo of Gene Kyle by Ruthann Kyle.
Richard Galloway reports that his shirt is still in the package stored in his attic
in case the team is ever called into action again.

Gene Kyle's coveted 6912th Bronze Beaver Badge
was awarded to a Few Good Men.
Renato's Pizza
Gene went to Zossen/Wunsdorf, former Soviet Hqs.
He had a plan to get a proper memento.  Not much was left.
The Germans said the Russians took everything. The Russians said it was the Germans.
Gene says, "I took this sign off a large garage door at Zossen/Wunsdorf."
Here is the translation:
The person responsible for the fire protection condition of PTO and of boxes 11, 12, and 13 is V.K. Yakimovich.
(Ed. Note: Notice the holes in the corners where the mighty Gene ripped the sign from the door.)