6912th SS Patch

From the files of Don Ernakovich (58-60)

The patch is compliments of Bob Gallagher, who served in Radint from 1957 to 1960. After USAFSS, Brown University, and then joining the Foreign Service, Bob was the air attaché when he was stationed at the embassy in Bonn. One of his responsibilities was dealing with issues regarding the air corridors. As a result, he made many visits to Berlin. On one occasion, he wrangled his way back to the old operations center, where the colonel treated him royally, given his diplomatic status. He came a long way from an Airman Second Class!  He further dazzled them with his footwork when he asked,” Who’s up? Can I copy?” The colonel gave him a framed piece of stationery upon which was affixed the patch. (I cut the patch from the stationery and forwarded it to (the BIA.)) Bob says this took place circa 1978.