Absolution of Berlin related sins has long been a stated benefit of BIA membership.  Because of individual preferences and the nature of life in Berlin, it was necessary to create a wide-ranging absolution in order to meet the needs of the membership.  All non-criminal sins are covered, if the errant member confesses before another member.  Confession by proxy has become the prevailing mode, however, wherein one member confesses for another.  All USAF personnel who served in Berlin are skilled in telling what someone else did - from which are spun the popular “War Stories”.  As with any other strength, when taken to excess, it becomes a weakness.  This weakness is labeled, “talkin’ outta school” which is not condoned.  It is considered a sin, thus reinforcing the purpose of this statement.

Our Policy: Confess – Help yourself – Help a fellow member.

The BIAbsolution
By act of contrition, confession, or having been summarily exposed by a fellow member, the bearer of this card has now and forever received absolution, forgiveness, mercy, deliverance, quittance, exculpation, and implied approval for any and all debaucheries, excesses, intemperances, dissipations, and self-indulgences committed while serving in the divided city.  The list of sins includes, but is not limited to merrymaking, revelry, lewdness, crudeness, covetousness, salaciousness and wantonness, venalities and other assorted high sins and misdeeds. All persons are herewith required to honor this absolution and afford respect to its bearer.

The bearer is admonished to go forth and sin no more.

Gary Anderson (62-63), Berlin Island Association Morale Officer (BIAMO), created the framework for administering the Absolution and is responsible for it’s non-prejudicial application.

Bob Baxter (61-63), former Presiding Bishop and Legal Advisor for the Seventh Pan-Galactic Church of Unity, no longer operational, wrote The Berlin Island Absolution. Bob hopes the BIA will be a blessing.

Phil Adams (62-64), BIA President, edited and published the document.

Copyright 2002 - The Berlin Island Association.  All rights reserved.

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