Sidney Bennett (56-59/64-67)

Photo's courtesy of daughter Stacy Bennett-Smith, also a Berliner.

Mary and Sidney Bennett in New York on their way to Berlin, 1956.  Sid was on his way to becoming Commander of Det.1, 6910th RGM in the Divided City.
Sid is sworn in by the base Commander.
The lovely Mary, center, and some of the military wives plan an Armed Forces Network event.  Prominent American entertainers are pictured to the right.  (Fürher note: Let me know if you recognize any of the other attendees.)
In 1964, Sid returns to Berlin and takes on the responsibility of Deputy Commander, Services - 7350th Support Group at Tempelhof.  *See Tempelhof Newsletter article below.
Sid leads some of the Services personnel in review at Tempelhof.
*Tempelhof newsletter article about Sidney Bennett, 1964.  Note paucity of info about previous Security Service duty in Berlin.  'Twas a secretive time in a secretive place.

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