Tom Caufield's Photographs of Friends in Berlin

In Tom's words: "These pictures were taken ?67-68?. Ollie was an MS on Baker Flight. Held in high esteem by all. Baker Flt Billy B. was a jack of many trades - VC, day wienie - I believe he left Scty Svs to go into the FBI. Carl Wertel: Drawing a blank with Carl as to flight, duty, etc., but remember that he appeared to enjoy his time in Berlin to the fullest."

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Ollie Mueller and his girl

Billy Borden and his girl

Carl Wertel, his girl and Frank Cellini

Carl Wertel, his girl and Tom Caufield

Bob Grassel and Carl's girl

??? and Tom Caufield

Billy B. and his girl

Ollie and his girl, again...

...and again

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