From the Picture Files of C. T. Christie (52)

Celebrate - L to R, Lee Carpenter, Al Rhode, MSgt in charge of Analysis at 6910th, Al Bending, C.T. Christie

Dick Frandsen & Bob Mondell

Al Bending, John Stanton,?, Bill Arsenault

Picnic at Tempelhof Pool bathhouse. Closest Hugo Tassenary, furthest on the left is Bill Arsenault, Bill is looking...

July 4th picnic at the Pool. Everyone at Tempelhof not working.

Wiley Davis and C.T.

Bob Mondell

CT docking one of the sail boats used in the 1938 Olympics.*

Wiley Davis -The ex submariner that taught me how to sail, Married Getta, a beautiful Berlin girl, and lived happily ever after in the lone star state

*Says C.T., "This area of Berlin was as if there had never been a war.  You were transported back to prewar days and reminders of  a very luxurious period when everyone laughed ,swam, sailed, and drank champagne as if their days would never end--- just like the Russian song "those were the days my friend"".

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