Joe Covern (59-62/63-66/70-73)

Summer 1959, Joe Covern and Tom Kilgore (assigned 6911th)
Just out of language school

Fall 1959, Soviet War Memorial
(l-to-r) Paul Carrico, Walt Seeley, Mike Gammill, ?Paul McCormick?

NCO of the Quarter honors in 1965
Presented by Lt Col Carl Cook, 6912th Cmdr.

Spring 1966, Joe Covern, TR4A on Martin-Luther Strasse
Rathaus Schoeneberg in background

Spring 2005, Joe and BMW Z4, at home in CONUS
A good analyst will decipher the tag Öbut not tell anybody.
Only the cars change

Early 1969, USAFSS NCOA class
Berliners Joe (Iím all ears) Covern at flag staff,
Carl Gillingham (back row, 3rd from left) and Al Smith (on Carlís left)

Summer 1969, JSCM presentation, NSA
Benson K. Buffum, DDO

1978, JSCM presentation
General Shannon, Asst. DDO, NSA

1978, JSCM presentation
General Shannon, Col. Garvey, Col. Birmingham, NSA

1985, promotion, NSA
Dick Lord, DDO at left and Bill Ferguson, Chief, NSOC

Ed. Notes:
DDO - Deputy Director Operations
JSCM - Joint Service Commendation Medal
NSOC - National Security Operations Center
Joe served 3 tours in Berlin, 2 AF tours at NSA followed by 20 years at NSA as a civilian.

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