When the Generals come to Town
Photo's courtesy of P. Nikulla

Brig. General Klocko pays a visit during the
change of command: Maj. Gentry to Maj. McCall.

Maj McCall presents Maj Gen Millard "Pappy" Lewis, Commander, USAFSS with the original BIA proclamation.
To the right is Col Glassburn, Cmdr, 7350th.

This is a departure formation for Maj Gen Lewis.
Col McCall is directly behind Gen Lewis. On his right is Col Glassburn
Our 6912th stalwarts stand tall in review. This visit occurred in 1960-61.

Mrs. Millard Lewis got some of the officer and NCO wives together
for a Family Services motivational meet.
L to R: Peggy Fuller (Capt Fuller, Elint), Mrs. Ed McCrossen (I think),
Loretta Nikulla, Gwen Perez,
unknown wife, Mrs. Charlie Swanson and Mrs. Millard Lewis.

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