Sparks Ritchie (58-59)

Thanks to Sparks and Harold Baumbach for sharing these photos, some of which are from Berlin/Tempelhof and some from the 1958 Brussels Worlds Fair. Thanks to Sparks for providing the photo descriptions.

1. T'Hof 2. Out front 3. Manhattan 4. Enroute 5. Gasthaus1
6. Brussels Fair 7. Sputnik 8. Wind Force 9. Quiet moment 10. Gasthaus2
11. Beirgetrenken
  1. T'Hof: Aerial View of Home Sweet Home (Can you find your room?)

  2. Out front: Harold Baumbach, Ronald Rhea, Christopher Chopelas and Sparks Ritchie in front of T'Hof

  3. Manhattan: Does anybody remember the Manhattan Bar?

  4. Enroute: In the belly of the bird (Gooney Bird, that is) on the way to Belgium

  5. Gasthaus1: " in Brussels where the owner had an alcoholic dog. Dale, Swede(?) and who?"

  6. Brussels Fair: "Three of us at the fair in Brussels. On the left Swede(?) Maybe then Dale Olsen and Sparks Ritchie"

  7. Sputnik: " in the Russian Pavilion"

  8. Wind Force: "Several of the people of the U.S. Wind Force, doing what we did best," says Sparks. "Most of the names were supplied by Joe Davenport. Thanks, Joe!:
    "Dark suit in the middle: Glenn Minton. On Minton's right, almost hidden, Wally Kuntz. Guy sipping beer: Palmer. The guy with the crew cut sitting next to me is Pafford. I'm on the right."

  9. Quiet moment: "Sparks, Harold and Gus Powers having a philosophical discussion"

  10. Gasthaus2: "Dale, Sparks and Swede(?) Back at the Bar of the Drunken Dog"

  11. Biergetrenken: " second from left with the cute hat, Harold Baumbach; fourth from left, Chris Chopelas; far right is Jim Lacy. He was not cut in two in the copy that Harold emailed me, but I lost half of him somehow."

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