Butch Rowlands (61-63)

Butch and his '53 Ford somewhere on Tempelhof

Sharp car. When Butch left for Trabzon, "Animal" Thomas bought this StrasseWagen.

In 1964, getting ready for a NCO/Officer formal dinner in the resort town of Trabzon. That's member Larry Nilles in the background.*

In Land 'o Lakes Florida mit dem Führer for lunch - 2003

*The 2-T program provided Butch with the opportunity to transfer to Trabzon, Turkey.  It was there that he met member Larry Nilles.  Larry, another fine Elinter, heard so many stories about Berlin from Butch that he sought assignment there.  He succeeded in reaching Berlin.  Larry spent three tours there in "our town" (63-68/71-75/76-78).

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