Keith Smyth (55-59)

(L to R) Keith Smyth and Melvin (Gene) Whitney
Celebrating A1C stripes, June, 1957


Out on the town, with the ever-present camera bag.



Brand new SSgt
March, 1959 in his Berlin apartment.



"And our own Frank Necessary on the Banjo.  Don't remember the other two guys names, but I believe they were in our Det. 1."


"Square Dancing at the Service Club - the lady in the back row is Ursula, who ran the photo lab, pool room, and hobby workshops.  I am in the back row, head just barely visible. Just beside me is the Librarian - I don't remember her name.  "Sleepy" Wilson is the SSgt in the huddle. I don't remember the names of the others on the floor, much to my chagrin!"
"Another shot of the square dance."


"This was my last year in the Air Force. I was teaching maintenance, operation, and tactics on Airborne Electronic Warfare equipment, then in use in Southeast Asia."  Ed. Note: The date on the Newsletter should read 1967 vice 1969.



Keith Smyth and Caryl Lenhart-Smyth
England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland
Six weeks vacation, Spring 1985.

"And after the Air Force, and Civie life, here we are back in the dark ages!
Kansas Yankee in King Whosit's Court! (Bolsover Castle, Midlands)".


Caryl Lenhart-Smyth with Sir Malcom of Guinness.



"This was a "re-enactment" of the return of some of the nobles from the crusades, and finding the local "nobles" had usurped their property and titles. The sword fights were with 6 - 8 lb hand forged swords and mace. It was very realistic. These were retired Bobbies, and all the weapons, costumes, and finery were handmade. One of the "ladies in waiting" - (Malcom's wife) told us that sometimes there are broken arms, and two of the guys have lost fingers in the "fake" sword fights. Some fakery! These fights were on foot, as most of the historical sites do not allow horses on the turf. Something about "damaging the property". (And this was a RIDING ACADAMY in the 1600's!) It was fantastic!"

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