From the Cliff Stults Photo Files

Neue Welt - 1962

Glen Jorgenson, Cliff Stults, Chuck Patton
T-hof Elinters enjoying a dunkles Bier.


1963 Dog Flight Picnic at the Rose Range

Squadron Commander Carl Cook stops by to
check out the steaks.  John Ferris (in the hat)
offers him a good one, with all the fixin's.

Billy Peer makes the steaks come out just right.
Smiling David Bruns is on the right.

Is that Milt Johnson arriving with the
quart of Seagram's Seven?

SS goes good with steak...and everything else.

Ed Greenwell on the right encourages
a Taste Tester. 

Let's call it a day, a good day.
That's Chef Billy Peer on the right.

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