Black & white image of the T-berg site

Color image of T-berg, taken some time after Fred left

Says Fred, “As a RU linguist, I spent most of my time in Berlin at Teufelsberg, arriving late in 1964. I left in September of '67 when I retired. We lived across from Andrews Barracks until we were assigned quarters across from Berlin Brigade. At the time we had a team of four or five guys working around the clock with the Army. I was NCOIC so spent a good bit of time traveling between HBE and Tberg. While working at NSA I made a trip back to Berlin in '83 and couldn't believe the changes. The AF presence at Tberg was full blown by then. Hard to believe it is all gone now. Some of the guys on the team were Jerry Elliot, Jim Fetzner, Bruce McKenzie, Sesh Granger, Phil Hair, "Spanky" Norman, and later John Barberi (now deceased) and Jim Heidorn (also deceased).”