2006 Berlin, Germany
From the photo files of
Gene Kyle (65-68)


Gene has clearly convinced Robbie Roberts that Berliner Kindl is the only way to go whereas Robbie has once again gotten a free beer from Gene.
Larry Demers and Gene were roomies 40 years ago.  You still can't tell them apart - ball caps, glasses, white beards....  The only way to tell one from the other is Larry always flips his name tag over.  It's a security thing with Larry.
Larry makes a point and Gene pays heed.  Larry says, "I swept the room last."  Listening to the banter is one of our Brain Trust, Ron Rader.
Here's Larry, Gene & Barry Benjamin - mid 60's Dawg Flight buddies.  It'll never get any better than this....anywhere....ever.
A marker where the wall once stood.  It is in the sidewalk directly east of historical Checkpoint Charlie.
The new Hauptbahnhof.
The Reichstag Dome.
The Mime was in front of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial church on the Kudamm.  Upon seeing Gene and Ruthann, he immediately bowed, knowing a big tip was forthcoming.
The olde of it - an East German Trabant, 2 cycle, smoke thumper.
The Smart Car - still riding high in European cities.  Zip around town and park in tight spaces.
At the end of the day, why don't we just walk through the gate like free people?

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