2006 Berlin, Germany
From the photo files of
John Lawler (64-66)

Tempelhof 6th Floor Basketball Court

Allied Museum on Clay Allee.  Building was the former Library.  The Lawlers visited the Museum prior to the reunion.
An Airlift aircraft on display at the Museum
Russian Linguist John Lawler on display at the Museum.
A clever Mime at the Brandenburg Gate.  It's good to see the people out and about the area.  Get your picture taken with the Mime.
Dan & Sue McCauley (64-65) and Johanna Lawler enjoy some Pommes Frites.  Is that Curry Wurst?  Looks good.
On the boat to Potsdam - Perry Ankerson (63-64), Johanna and Dan at the foreground table.  Tom Morris (51-52) in beige shirt talking to Ruthann Kyle, one table back.
Sue, Kathleen Ankerson and Johanna.  BIA boat rides are always held on nice days with pretty women aboard.
Wow!  Nice boat.
Ed Glynn (63-64) and Perry.
Perry, Ed, Tom Emdy (63-64) & John holding a Baker Flight Mini Reunion on board.  Looks like Charmin' Don Ernakovich in the left background.
Lovely Ingrid Glynn, blond to the left. Dick Quinn. Gene Kyle (65-68) in red cap.  Jerry Adams (57-58) in BIA cap.  Juergen Linke.  Larry Demers (64-67) in Maroon Cap. Tom Emdy carrying a full load of pens just in case he has to copy any traffic.   Tour guide Klaus in black shirt came to work at Tempelhof in 1964.  This is his retirement job.
Perry and Ed on the roof looking west.  Nobody smiles like that unless they are talking about something they really shouldn't have done 40 years ago.
Emergency Command Center (ECC) below center of building where reps from the various commands would meet to coordinate efforts in an emergency.  Existence of room not widely known
The "6912" label was on a shelf on the wall opposite the ECC map board and, therefore, behind the elevated spot where the reps sat at their desks.  It marked the spot designated for the 6912 rep to hang or place his 'stuff'.
A labyrinth under the NCO Club that had been burned out by the Russians.  Years after the Americans were in the facility they had the charred walls tested by the German Police forensics department.  What had burned for days in those rooms was celluloid, ergo: film the Nazis had stored.  RAUCHEN VERBOTEN
Perry, John and Dan check to see if the movie price yet exceeds a quarter.
When you head back to the hotel via the U-bahn, here's where you'll rest as did the lovely Johanna.

When all else is said and done.

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