2006 Berlin, Germany
From the photo files of
Dan McCauley (64-65)

Open House Picture Mural

Checkpoint Charlie - Nobody is stoppin' here now!

Berlin City Hall - Beautiful building, informative visit.

Wannsee Boat Trip - Relaxing ride with historic meeting places all around.
Ka De We - If you can't find it here..........
Tempelhof - Missed my ride again!
Silver Wings Club - Couldn't get in.
Klaus, our guide - Has worked at Tempelhof since the early 60's.  Knows, loves and worries about it.  Great tour!
Airlift Mural.
Officer's Club - Couldn't get a Bier.
The Gate - No questions asked.

Bunker Tour Shots and Pots - No attendant in sight.

Stasi Prison - Bars, Walls and Cells.
bullet Barbara Sopato, Frank's daughter on sidewalk.
bullet Guide Vera Lengsfeld with pamphlets.  She was detained as a dissident here in the 80's.  Tells her story in a book, Mein Weg Zur Freiheit.

Last Supper at the Zillemark - Home of the Big Ones - Outstanding!
bulletCarol Emdy, Sue McCauley
bulletDoris Bennett, John Steuber, Marja Horbach (Steuber), Tom Morris
bulletBill Robinson
bulletArch Richmond in black pullover, Dennis Hammer in blue jacket.
bulletKathleen & Perry Ankerson, Tom Emdy
bulletTony Angiletta, Don Ernakovich, Karen Roberts

Hauptbahnhof Bears say auf Wiedersehen!

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