2001 Reunion in Berlin
Photos courtesy of Tom "Wolfgang von" Emdy

The old nemesis, Shoenefeld. Rent a car; see the East.
Former Vopo, Wolfg., adds a little graffiti to an otherwise perfectly good
Border Guard Tower of the Berlin Wall - Grenzwachturm der Berliner Mauer
A Death Strip where the Wall once stood - Bernauer Strasse
A piece of the original Wall still standing - Bernauer Strasse
A piece of the Wall on display. The early wall was concrete block not poured concrete.
An East German Trabant. The "Trabi" was famous for its smoke and rattles.
It may not have been the biggest car in the world, but it was the slowest.
The Glienecke Bridge connects Potsdam to Berlin.
Was known as the "Spy Bridge" - where swaps were made - most notably
U-2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers for Soviet Agent Rudolf Abel.
Gypsies sell Soviet era paraphanalia, military hats, red stars, tour busses and the like near the great Museum Insel - Museum Island
An Airlift aircraft at the Allied Museum
Moose Amos is on the far left, Twila Icenogle is next, Joe and Judy Covern are near the middle, Bill Robinson in the light colored shirt and the Adams' to the right. 
Olympic Stadium - site of the 1936 games -
Jesse Owens became famous here.
A 2001 BIA Banquet Picture
Carol and Tom Emdy - Phil and Barbara Adams

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