2001 Reunion in Berlin
Photos Courtesy of Don Ernakovich (58-60)

Club Silverwings - Private dance club - Looking Tacky.
Columbia Theatre – Not in use today.
Ops Entrance – Surrounded by fence and concertina wire.
Living Quarters – 5th and 6th floor rooms opened up for a computer school named DEKRA.
Airport Entrance – Zentralflughafen
Templehof Air Terminal – Was filled with debris and building materials in the late 50’s.
Don’s friend bares all on the Ku-damm.

German Soldiers guard the U.S. Embassy after the 9/11 Attack.

Potsdamer Platz – Get off the U-bahn and see construction. The area includes many new shops, hotels, business offices, etc.
Reichstag - Restored and in use – Long lines of visitors
Guard Tower and Wall – On display at the Outpost Museum (Former Army Theatre) on Clay Allee

Russian Embassy – Harboring no hard feelings, Don stops by for a V&V (Vurst i Vodka).