2001 Reunion in Berlin
Pictures courtesy of Dave Radomski (71-76)


Um die Ecke

We couldn't use this U-bahn station when the Wall was up!

Victory Column

Near the Ku-damm

Brandenburg Gate in Shrouds

Soviet War Memorial

What's left of the Wall

Dave and his Sukhoj-22

On the dinner boat...... very nice trip.

Oly Hydeen hoisting the beer; Jerry "Whitey" White in front of Oly

More Bier

Assembling for the tour in front of the Hotel.

Outside the Allied Museum

Inside one of the buildings. This one was the Army Outpost Theater on Clay Allee.

Once a theater, now a museum.

Ein doppelte Umsteiger, bitte!

The banquet in what was the Chapel - at the far end of the dining hall.

It looks good and was good. Alas, no Curry Wurst.

L to R -Bill Grieshop, Gil Apaka pointing finger, Don Ernakovich with the suspenders, Tony Angiletta and John Steuber standing

L to R - Twila Icenogle, Else & Del Larson

L to R - Speakers Dr. Dieter Senorer, Fed Govt. and Alexander Longolius, Outgoing Director of Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, Host Gene Kyle

Sam Kelton (Son-in-law of Jim Coats, married to Cathy) and Jerry Braun

L to R - Bill Grieshop, John Wilkes, Bob Palmer, Bob Baxter

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