2002 Reunion
Photos by Joe Kinel, BIA Dictator (Ret) - October, 2002

Joe Ector and Bob Brodeur - Two of the Good Guys and just as wise as ever.


Jerry Loiselle and Bill Strautman - Observing something important.


Jim Coats, Dale Olson and Tony Angiletta - Nothing comes between these fine men and the mission - and right now, the mission is to ....

Ron Hodgen and Ed Leonard - More than once these brave warriors were overheard telling tall tales.  Ron smiled the whole time he was there.  Good lads, both.

Dave Radomski and Mario Perez - Mario takes advantage of an interruption and steals Don McCall's roast beef while Dave contemplates switching out his empty for Mario's full glass.

Wes Wilson and Jerry Yawn - Two of our newer members and we're glad to have them.


Charlie Bishop, Adalia & Jim Kyrish - Having a good time.


Dale Olson and Tom Shaw - If you want to hear some funny stories, sit next to these fellows.


Jim Warchol and Del Larson - What a lovely spot to have a party.


Joe Kinel and Tony Angiletta - These two friends trade barbs while enjoying each other's company.

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