2002 Reunion in San Antonio
Photos by Jerry Loiselle - October, 2002

Karin Kinel, Nell Coats and Rita Harden looking at some old pictures.  Nell agrees to tell her husband, Jim, and Rita agrees to tell her husband, Jim.


Jim Coats (L) explains it to Willi Colbert (R).  Nell Coats looks on appreciatively while giving Jim a famous BIA Pat-on-the-Back.


Jim Harden (L) and Willi Colbert (R) discuss it.  Bill Strautman, Upper Left, adds his opinion.


Later, at the Mad Dog Pub, Willi Colbert (L) passes on the News to Tom Shaw (R) who apologizes for giving Joe Kinel the deed to Kelly AFB.


Don Hanchey, Jim Warchol and Del Larson, a Russian, a Pole and a German.  At the Gateway Hills C.C. with a picture of some Boys in Blue reminiscent of a earlier time.  Don grew faster than the other lads.


Lowell Hartsell greets Del Larson with the same Boys in Blue picture.  Else Larson and the Hydeens, Eva & Ole, look on.  Lowell, Del and the picture taker, Jerry Loiselle were German students together at Georgetown in 1959.


The Warchols, Margie & Jim, along with the Morgans, Judy & Reggy, are seated on the Mad Dog Patio, just steps from the River Walk.  Jim Blunt is in the blue striped shirt.  Lane Aldrich is in the plain blue shirt and Dave Radomski is holding up the wall.

Evi Shaw and John Steuber on the patio.  In the background the Larsons and Hydeens pose for another picture taker.


One of the BIA boats, chartered by host Dave Sullivan, heads down river for an entertaining one hour cruise.



Another BIA boat - shortly after the Captain explained that no body parts were to be outside the rail.  In the back row is Joe & Judy Covern, Joan Boyle, Tom Emdy (partially hidden), Tony Angiletta, Nell Coats and Jim Coats (reverently bowing his head).  Carol Emdy is in the maroon blouse looking up to the rear.  Smilin' Barb Adams wears a vest and Dave Radomski is to the right in a beige shirt.  Doesn't Joe Covern look like a comfortable "Thinker"?

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