2004 Tampa Bay Area, Florida
Photos by Phil Adams -- April 23, 24, 25

On Friday night, we met at Whiskey Joes, a friendly fish shack and watering hole,
 located on Tampa Bay to get reacquainted and make new Berliner friends

Prior to heading over to Whiskey Joes, mementos of Berlin were displayed in the Hospitality Room of the Hotel
Barry Benjamin & Jean Snaar
Two things Jean noticed about Barry – his cell phone was always nearby and he was always smiling
Bert Scanlon & Gil Apaka
Gil explains that he picks his shirts to match the lamp shades
Willi Colbert & Gil Apaka
Gil tells Willi that it’s his own fault for wearing a black shirt when the lamp shades are clearly green
Steve 'SL' Johnson & Gene Kyle
Steve listens in amazement as Gene explains how his hats never match anything
Bill Robinson & Butch Rowlands
Bill and Butch discuss the subtleties of a good white beard
Charlotte & Jerry Loiselle
Jerry says, “Watch what I do with this Bier.”
Del & Else Larson
Del says, “Did you see what he did with that Bier?”
Don Kilmer & Ray Gonczy
Ray patiently explains point number one
Eva & Ole Hydeen
When Eva reads that the beverage is included, suddenly Ole is all smiles
Jeanie Ruster & The Richmonds
Our gal Jeanie tells about getting on a bus and riding up from the Keys
Jim & Ann Blunt
As always, the Blunts are lookin' sharp
Jim Blunt & Phil Adams
They partied earlier -- 40 years earlier
Jim Munsie
The way I do it is to get a biiiig glass, add a couple packs of sugar, stir not shake and, toss away the straw
Wayne & Molly Wert
The Werts are incredulous as Jim tells about adding the two sugars
Karin & Joe Kinel
When he can, Joe will always get two plates
Kees Smaal
A time for thought
Margie & Jim Warchol
They once lived in the Tampa area
Norma & Darell Landress
Friendly new members
Pat Dawidowicz & Mary Robertson
Happy ladies
Randy Elliott & Bob Womack
Happy gentlemen
Robbie & Karen Roberts
Happy couple
Rock Morocco & Peggy Ryan
When does the band get here?
Shelley Colbert, Jim Harden & Tom Shaw
Tom carries a pen just in case Jim says anything important.  Shelley can’t believe it
Tom & Carol Emdy
There is fleeting evidence that Tom is fascinated by flash photography

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