2004 Tampa Bay Area, Florida
Photos by Phil Adams -- April 23, 24, 25

On Saturday evening, we held our Recognition Banquet
at the Landry’s Seafood House on the Bay

Arch & Kay Richmond
Arch, a well known financial manager says, “Sit down and buy a round.”
Barry & Sue Benjamin
Barry, also a well known financial manager, smiles and listens for the phone.  Sue’s smile infects Barry with the same
Bert & Edna Scanlan
The Scanlans drove in from Colorado and made a nice trip of it
Betty & Tommy Jernigan
We were glad to welcome these new members
Bob & Rosemary Boyer
When Bob looked away, Rosemary quickly plucked not only the nifty umbrella but a juicy strawberry from his drink
Bowbliss & Glynn
"I heard Heineken puts hair on your head," says Ed
Bowbliss & Glynn
"Good plan, Ed"
Butch Rowlands, Robbie Roberts & Wayne Wert
Put your finger on his throat right here.  You’ll be able to tell if he still has a pulse
Charlotte & Jerry Loiselle
Hosts for the evening and a job well done

Dan & Sue McCauley
Although Dan has only been a member for a few months, he has clearly captured the essence of a near perfect BIA smile

Daughters Jill & Shelley with Willi Colbert
They kept our good-will ambassador in line, but he wore his green shirt on the wrong night
Dawidowicz & Robertson
Did you buy that other table a round?
Ed & Ingrid Glynn
All our girls are pretty, and all of them tell a good story
Edna Scanlan, Darell & Norma Landress
The Landress’ are recent members and had a good time at the reunion
Else & Del Larson, Iris Ammerman
Del earlier instructed Else to be cautious of anything Jerry said
Eva & Ole Hydeen
You couldn't buy a better smile than that
Hank Haddon, Hugh Clark & Karen Roberts
A nice feature of the Association is the wonderful people involved
Hank Haddon & Karen Roberts
Name the drink, win the prize
Happy Bunch of BIA-ers
Because that’s Arch’s empty seat, he must be up front making a funny.  Good job by our man Arch
Iris & Ray Ammerman, Perry Ankerson
The Ammermans also came in from Colorado to be with old friends
Jean Snaar, John Alexander & Ron Rader
Jean must have heard John’s exciting war story earlier
Jim & Ann Blunt, John Lawler
Ann demonstrates her cutest pixie smile
Jim Warchol
Jim enjoys a good party
Joan Boyle, Judy & Joe Covern
When Joan talks, the Coverns listen
Joe Covern, Steve Boyle & Dick Grant
When Dick talks...
John & Johanna Lawler
Wonderful people, those Lawlers
John Robertson
John had a good time
Hal Linton
One of our stars
Joyful Pat Dawidowicz
Pat had a great time! She's in charge of spreading cheer
Karen & Joe Kinel, Eva Hydeen
As Joe unravels the secret code...
Kees Smaal, Lyle Morris & Ralph Atenasio
... the operators question why Joe gets the code first
Don Kilmer, Kees Smaal & Lyle Morris
I want the code first, next time
Marilyn & Mark Latimer
One of our handsome couples
Mario Perez & Bob Boyer
Mario, the father of Marienfelde, would provide the Invocation and lead us in the Pledge
Molly Wert, Judy & Jim Munsie
Judy & Jim are brand-new first-time grandparents. Talk about a happy face!
Peggy Ryan & Rock Morocco
Another happy face winner.  Peggy’s friends call her ‘Sassy’
Perry & Kathleen Ankerson
A great couple who enjoy a good reunion
Randy Elliott & Ingrid Linton
While still working on his pose, Randy came in third in the smiley face contest
Rita & Bob Womack
Bob kicked off the Hall of Fame Award Ceremony early in the program
Rita Harden & Jean Snaar
Pert Rita is our man Jim’s better half and Jean is John Alexander’s sister-in-law.  The reunion was better because they were there
Ron & Zhanna Rader
Zhanna enjoyed herself all the time but I think she really enjoyed the music on the Yacht Starship
Ruthann & Gene Kyle
Winner of the 2004 President’s Award… and for good reason
Steve Boyle, Dick Grant & Betty Jernigan
Dick finds it humorous but Betty is not so sure
Tom & Evi Shaw
As usual, Tom basks in the glow from dear Evi
Tommy Jernigan, Bill & Mary Ellen Robinson, Arch Richmond
The Robinsons own the best seafood restaurant in Florida.  A lot of it has to do with Mary Ellen’s smile

Arch Richmond
Arch kicks off the Banquet on a serious note
Gene Kyle & Hall of Fame Inductee Hal Linton
Hal excelled in Berlin as a Linguist and later as Site Engineer.  He paid tribute to his former Commander, Col. Bill Ballard
Gene Kyle & Hall of Fame Inductee John Alexander
John was the “Operations Boss” who put the unit on a path to become a permanent entity in Berlin
Phil Adams
Phil calls Gene Kyle to the podium to present Gene with the well-deserved President's Award
Hall of Fame Inductee John Alexander
Chief John not only excelled in Berlin but around the world.  Note his lapel pins - the U.S. Flag and the BIA emblem
Hall of Fame Inductee Hal Linton
Hal is always ready, in case the need arises for a rousing round of applause
Gene Kyle & Hall of Fame Inductee Phil Adams
The Hall of Fame Council decided to induct Phil for his work for the Association
Jerry Loiselle
While Karen is coming up here, look on your program for the BIA theme song
Jerry Loiselle & Karen Roberts
Once upon a time there was a tavern,
Where we used to raise a glass or two…
Jerry Loiselle & Karen Roberts
Remember how we laughed away the hours,
And dreamed of all the great things we would do…
Jerry Loiselle & Karen Roberts
Those were the days my friend…
We thought they’d never end, Oh yes those were the days!
Steve Boyle
Steve presents last minute details about Sunday night’s dinner cruise
Steve Boyle
The U.S. flag belongs to Landry’s.  The Soviet flag is a souvenir of Steve’s from an earlier time
Arch Richmond reflects on the evening's festivities

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