2004 Tampa Bay Area, Florida
Photos by Ole Hydeen  -- April 23, 24, 25


At Landry's

Shaw & Kinel

Every Association needs a Brain Trust
Ours is first class and sat at this table
A closer look

Icenogle & Larson

Gene Kyle checks out one of his President’s Award gifts
Jerry Loiselle explains why it’s always good to have a flag or two to use as drapes

Tom Emdy congratulates John Alexander on his induction to the BIA Hall of Fame as the group leaves Landry’s

On the good Yacht Starship

The Adams’ explain how their dessert disappeared
The Larsons listen graciously.  Their dessert was not stolen

Tom & Carol Emdy, Ann Blunt

Mark Latimer, Steve “SL” Johnson, Ray Gonczy discuss ship handling
Bob & Rosemary Boyer, Gil Apaka, Mario Perez search for a proper location for a BIA field office

Says Gil, “That one looks big enough.”

Says Mario, “I’ll drink to that.”

Dawidowicz and Robertson ask why the next table is talking about ship handling
The BIA Brain Trust enjoying each others company
Tom Shaw makes an important point.  Morris, Smaal and Kilmer listen intently
Del Larson, Joe & Karin Kinel, Rita Harden sharing a glass of wine
The Larsons and Eva Hydeen on the top deck
The Larsons and Bowbliss’ cut-a-rug.  My heros.

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