2004 Tampa Bay Area, Florida
Photos by Jerry Loiselle -- April 23, 24, 25

Joe Covern and Willi Colbert (and family) check in while Ray and Iris Ammerman wait their turn.
Gil Apaka chats with Ray and Iris and John Robertson.
Ray and Iris Ammerman and others examine the reunion packets.  Also in picture are Tom Emdy and Don Kilmer plus Der Fuehrer in the foreground.
Ingrid and Randy discuss the good ole days.
Randy Elliott, Ingrid Linton, Hal Linton, Charlotte Loiselle, Del Larson chat while waiting to be served.
Arch Richmond gets ready for his emcee duties.
Dick Grant in foreground.  Jim & Rita Harden along with
Willi Colbert and others at corner table.
Else Larson and Iris Ammerman in foreground Karen Roberts and Margie Warchol, with others at back table.
Members and guests await boarding of cruise ship.
Del Larson chats with Joe and Karin Kinel with
Else Larson and Mario Perez in foreground.
Gene Kyle, Barry Benjamin and wives.
Else, Mario and Bob Boyer.
Ole Hydeen, Ray and Iris with Jim Munsie in the background.
Willi Colbert and daughters.
Ole, Barbara and many others in background.
Joe Covern, Jim Munsie and others.
Ole, Phil and Barbara Adams.
Evi Shaw, Karen and Robbie Roberts.
Del & Else Larson, Ole, Phil and Barbara.
Del & Barbara in foreground; Willi C talks with Rita Harden while others, in the backbround,  listen in.

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