2006 Berlin, Germany
Pictures & Theme by
Tom Morris (51-52)

The First and Last Nights

First Night in Berlin

Across the Street from the Hotel

Last Night in Berlin

Started Out as Ladies and Gentlemen

Then Good Food

Restless Women

Big Drinks

Go Straight to Jail


First Night 1 - Daughter Jenny & Tom Jernigan (62-64), Kay & Arch Richmond (62-65).


First Night 2 - Calvin Bennett (59-62), Robbie & Karen Roberts (61-63/68-71),
John Steuber & Marja Horbach (56-58), Doris Bennett


Ladies & Gents - L - Ron, Zhanna & son Val Rader (55-58), R - Bill Robinson w/ white hair and beard


Good Food - The Raders


Restless Women - Robbie & Karen Roberts w/ green jacket & beige sweater,
John Steuber across from the Roberts & wife Marja Horbach next to Karen,
Katharine Morris w/ lavender sweater


Big Drinks - L - Don Ernakovich (58-60), R - Tom Morris (51-52) - Wunderbar!


Straight to Jail - Faye & Jerry Adams (57-58), Dick Quinn, Marja Horbach & John Steuber,
Dan McCauley (64-65), Katharine Morris, maybe guest Terry Faircloth, Tony Angiletta (59-62),
Ole Hydeen (61-62), Joe Covern
(59-62/63-66/70-73) - Stasi Prison Gate

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