Reunion in San Antonio - 1998

Photo's courtesy of Dale Olson (58-60) and John Ruster (58-59)

The Berlin Island Association's Geezers and Geezerettes gathered during 15-17 October 98 in San Antonio, Texas.
L to R: Jose Rodriguez, Jim Zimmerman, "Gitte" Olson, Ed Cummings
Willie Peer, having been inducted into the BIA Hall of Fame on 16 Oct 98, gives his acceptance speech.
L to R: The infamous Sid Davis & Robbie Roberts - The Dynamic Duo
Jose Rodriguez giving the keynote address at the BIA dinner meeting.  He stayed within his allotted time!  Can you believe it??
Jerry Loiselle, formerly known as "Maus" Loiselle enjoying the party.  When Jerry's at his computer, is it a mouse with a mouse in his hand??
L to R: Tony Angiletta, Harry Smith, Al Pitzer, Jeanie Ruster.  "A moment of Reflection"
Bob Elkins receiving his plaque honoring his induction into the BIA Hall of Fame.
L to R:  Lyle Morris, Don Hanchey, Maggie Zimmerman, Jim Zimmerman, with Dictator Joe Stalin Kinel at the podium.
"The Outrageous Brothers" at the Kelly AFB O-Club after the BIA dinner meeting.  L to R: Jim Warchol, Rock Morocco, Robbie Roberts, Jim Zimmerman, Don Hanchey, Gene Kyle, Jose Rodriguez, Joe Fox
Clockwise from upper left:  Evi Shaw, Tom Shaw, Karin Kinel, Donna Fox, Maggie Warchol.  Watching the "Outrageous Brothers"!
"The Outrageous Sisters" L to R: Margie Warchol, Judy Morgan, Donna Fox, Karen Roberts, Evi Shaw, (gal with mike is not known)

Note:  A couple of pictures have suffered severe pixel displacement perhaps due to a nervous condition.  If you have copies of the originals, please forward same to the WebFührer.

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