Rugby Team

From the Photo Files of Gary Bachman (70-74)

"Team members of the rugby team that I have names for:

..First row: Far left - Gary Bachman, 1946th Heavy Radar, Far right - Dave Keelor, 1946th

..Second row: 2nd from left - Steve Hoerman, 5th from left with beard - John Devlin, an American that ran base recreation, 6th from left - Mike Boyer, Far left - Chris Volk

..Third row: 3rd from left - Jack Townsend, 1st Lt. In 6912th, spoke Russian, 4th from left - Bill Hopai, 1946th I think, 5th from left - Leeds Berridge, 7th from left - Art Bjerga, 1946th air traffic controller, Far right - Dave Andress, 1946th, GCA radar maintenance

I saw a lot more of the guys from the 1946th in the NCO club. It seems that the 6912th guys could schedule to play rugby but their drinking time and socializing time must have been on a different schedule." -- Gary B.

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