Bowling Team

From the Photo Files of Larry Twardzak (70-75)

The Tempelhof base bowling team (circa 73/74)
(1st Row L to R) Dave Feltzer, Dar Wimer*, "Dave" Davis - Captain, Al Reid
(2nd Row L to R) Larry Twardzak*, "Tommy" Thompson, Ron (Rod) Smith, Chuck Schriver*

* Known to be part of the 6912th.

Says Larry, "We participated in the Continental Sports Conference
against the major Air Bases out in the "Zone".We represented the base well,
but our small base population kept us from being a major force in the league.
Each of the teams came, one at a time, to Tempelhof to bowl over a weekend.
We generally bowled at two different bases on a weekend that we traveled.
Sure had fun and got to meet a lot of neat people."

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