2011 Berlin Reunion Announcement

September 25, 26 & 27, 2011

Photo by Radomski (71-76)

The following is the Reunion Announcement as posted on the BIA Comm Center Site,

Tom “Wolfgang” Emdy (63-64) has gallantly agreed to once again step into the breach and manage the arrangements for a Berlin Reunion this Fall.

When Tony Angiletta (59-62) and John Steuber (56-58) contacted me last year regarding the possibility of a reunion for the Fall of 2011, they were not so interested in whether it was a large gathering or not.  They were more concerned that some of us may not be able to attend another Berlin reunion if we wait too long.  Tom soon joined the discussion and all agreed that the planning would be more along the lines of a social gathering as opposed to a touring, big event or sightseeing type of reunion.  But, they would have suggestions for any first timers who might want to see the sights - and there are many sights to see.

.Reunion dates are September 25, 26 and 27, 2011 in Berlin. Mark your calendar.

.The reunion is open to members and their guest(s).  Any guest eligible to be a member needs to join the BIA.

.In order to make the arrangements, the first question Tom must answer is, “How many people?” or maybe, “Wie viele Personen?”  Your job is to help him answer that question.

.Better check now to see if your passport is up to date.

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