2011 Berlin Reunion

September 25,26 & 27, 2011

Photo by Vonhof (55-57)

- Attendee List -  Rev. 9/5/11 -

Aldrich, Alan

Benjamin, Barry & Sue
Demers, Larry
Emdy, Tom & Carol
Hodgen, Ron & Ellen
Hydeen, Ole & Eva
Rader, Ron & Zhanna
Smith, Al

Some of the names are tentative pending other events.
Attendees, please assure that your name(s) are spelled correctly and whether or not the guest is to be included.

BIA members and their guests may register for and attend the reunion.
Guests who are eligible to be members need to join the BIA.

Tom "Wolfgang" Emdy is handling the arrangements.
Click **HERE** for the announcement as posted on our Comm Center.

Members, click **HERE** to have your name(s) added to the Attendee List.

Al Aldrich said, "I'll buy the first  round!"