From the photo files of Dan McCauley (64-65)

On the edge of Berlin…

The name of the excellent Airman* photographer is unknown
but he sold or gave copies of these pic’s to other members of the 6912th.
Dan shares them with us.


Lets walk down here on this side of the ‘Iron Curtain’ and see why they don’t want us to ‘escape’ over to the East.

Ah yes, a marvelous, well-lit dead man zone.

Yahoo! They really know how to build a proper guard tower.

I wonder what they’re thinking. And, is that pressure treated lumber?

Please heal slightly to my right rear.

Very good! Now, look at the ground and maybe they won’t see us.

I wonder what it’s like over there. I’ve never been in the West. They look like regular folks.

Agfa knew how to package prints.


* Editor's note: Tom Caufield advises us that the "excellent Airman photographer" is in fact Tom's friend Frank Cellini, and that the pictures were made some time in the middle of 1965. Tom says he thinks  that Cellini was a Polak on Baker Flight during the period from 1964-65. See these and more of Frank's pictures on Tom's page at

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